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Time Out With Charles Butler

Charles Butler & Trinity is one of the area's most popular Gospel singing aggregations. Known for impeccable vocals and a powerful single, "Better", Butler's group is rising to the top of the Gospel music industry. He took time out to share more about his ministry.

Tehillah In The DMV: Tell me about Charles Butler & Trinity.

Charles Butler: Charles Butler and Trinity was initially formed when I attended Central High School in Capitol Heights, MD. I taught the gospel choir at Central and we started to receive many requests for the gospel choir.  Because the choir was so large, we weren't able to take many of the engagements. One day I had the idea to form a smaller group within the choir so we could accept more engagements. So I gathered 6 of the best singers from the choir. When I graduated I was going to end the group but one of the singers convinced me to keep it going. I still have one original member (Amelia Hall) that has been with me for 17 years.

My singers are comprised of ministers, ministers of music, worship leaders, and people who just love God. Some of my singers sing with Byron Cage, James Fortune, Kirk Franklin, and do BGV's for various artists, but still remain faithful to my ministry. It's a blessing to see God take them around the world and open doors for them.

God allowed us to go on a 15-city tour in Italy with Earnest Pugh, we sang the National Anthem at a Washington Wizards game, and have sung background for various artists on Bobby Jones Gospel for the last 4 years. Recently we had the honor of performing at the historic Howard Theater. This past August we had the pleasure of becoming a part of history when we sang for the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. I honestly never could have dreamed of going from Central High School's choir room to sing before President Barack Obama, President Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, and so many other celebrities and dignitaries. God never ceases to amaze me!

Tehilah In The DMV: For people who haven’t heard your music, how would you describe it?

Charles Butler: I would describe it as a musical gumbo. Our music is comprised of multiple elements, different styles, and colors. We really try to be diverse in our approach in trying to minister to everyone. I think singing background for so many different artists has influenced our style.

Tehillah In The DMV: What’s the goal of your ministry?

Charles Butler: Our goal is to simply minister to the lost and to make people feel Better. I want people to see us and feel like you can be saved and enjoy life, too. People who know me and follow me on social networks know that I love to laugh. With so much going on in the world today I believe laughter is necessary. I want to encourage people to dream and never let anyone discourage you from chasing your dreams. I used to be associated with negative people and people who told me that I could never do certain things and I'm grateful to God that I followed His will. Giving up in this season isn't an option because there are so many people depending on our Yes!

Tehillah In The DMV: Tell me about your latest CD.

Charles Butler: Our debut album is entitled "Better". The title track is a feel good song. We wanted people to hear the single and be encouraged! The CD has something for everybody; praise and worship teams, church choirs, even praise dancers. The goal of the album is to be able to go to just about any church setting and be able to sing a song from the project.

Tehillah In the DMV: Where can people see you minister?

Charles Butler: For dates people can follow me on twitter @charlesbutlerjr or on Facebook at

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